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The first HR consultant specialized in eCommerce.


We founded Omunix with two clear purposes:

  • help businessesto consolidate powerful e-Commerce teams.

  • Help professionalsof the industry to develop in the companies in which they best fit at all levels.


Omunix is a different human resources consultancy, fully focused on e-Commerce and aimed at guaranteeing the technical and cultural fit between the company and the candidate.


Both partners have a deep understanding of each area of the online sales channel and have participated in the exponential growth of start-ups and companies that today are benchmarks in the industry at a national and international level.


We strive to ensure that all of our interactions are consultative and provide honest value. In addition, humor is very present in our lives and we like relaxed talks. If you got here and are interested, contact us to coordinate a call. Something good is going to come out :)


Max Abella

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Joel Roitvan Contino

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